UAE leads GCC as the least corrupt country

Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index ranks UAE at No. 27 globally

In the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012, the UAE and Qatar tie for first place in the region with scores of 68, helped by strong access to information systems and rules governing the behaviour of those in public positions.

“Corruption is the world’s most talked about problem,” said Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director of Transparency International. “The world’s leading economies should lead by example, making sure that their institutions are fully transparent and their leaders are held accountable. This is crucial since their institutions play a significant role in preventing corruption from flourishing globally,” de Swardt said.

Globally, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand tie for first place with scores of 90 while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia once again cling to the bottom rung of the index at a joint No. 174 globally.

“In these countries, the lack of accountable leadership and effective public institutions underscore the need to take a much stronger stance against corruption,” Transparency International (TI) said in a statement.

Underperformers in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 also include the Eurozone countries most affected by the financial and economic crisis. Transparency International has consistently warned Europe to address corruption risks in the public sector to tackle the financial crisis, calling for strengthened efforts to corruption-proof public institutions.

Regionally, Bahrain (global rank: 53) follows joint leaders UAE and Qatar, and is followed by Oman (global rank: 61), and a tie between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (both ranked No. 66 globally).

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