UAE man buys world's most expensive car


A UAE resident has bought a custom-made Bugatti L’Or Blanc – the world’s most expensive car in the world – for an estimated $2.4 million (Dh9 million).

According to a Bloomberg report, Bugatti – which makes the world’s fastest cars – has tied up with German porcelain maker KPM in order to fit in a porcelain caviar tray in the custom-made car. There is little known about the owner of the car except that he owns around 200 exotic cars.

"Installing porcelain in the world's fastest convertible car seems like a pretty odd idea... but Bugatti has made a name for itself by not shying away from extravagant ideas," said Stefan Brungs, Bugatti's sales chief.

The streamlined vehicle, which has a white exterior with royal blue lines, has also been fitted with porcelain wheel badges, fuel caps and oil caps.

The car was introduced recently in Berlin, Germany.

The most expensive car title was earlier held by Bugatti 300 Veyron 16.4s with an estimated price of $1.74 million.

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