UAE mobile phone users at record high

Nearly 135,000 mobile phone users entered the UAE market in February to boost the total number of GSM subscribers in the second largest Arab economy to a record high of over 14 million, according to official data.

The total number of subscribers to mobiles, landlines, internet and other telecommunication services also surged to a record high of around 17.17 million at the end of February, showed the figures by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), which oversees the UAE telecom sector.

The report showed that at the end of February, the total mobile phone users stood at 14.14 million, an increase of about 135,000 over the previous months. The increase boosted the mobile phone penetration ratio in the UAE (number of users to population) to a record high of 171.8 per cent, one of the highest ratios in the world.

The bulk of the mobile phone users are pre paid subscribers, standing at 12.38 million at the end of February, an increase of 118,000 over the previous months.


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