UAE phone rates cut: Etisalat @ 1fil/sec to India, Pak, Philippines, Lanka permanently

Etisalat slashes home landline call rates to 162 countries

Etisalat is offering residential customers international calls to 162 countries for 1 fil per second as a permanent plan.

The new tariff is available to eLife clients and any residential landline in the UAE and follows the launch of etisalat’s free unlimited local and national calls earlier this year.

Customers can enjoy 1-fil-per-second calls to key countries including the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the UK, the US, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, France and Russia and the monthly rental charge for all customers will be Dh39.

"At Etisalat, we continuously strive to give our customers attractive offers that meet their needs. We want to make keeping in touch with friends and family easy and as affordable as possible for the large community within the UAE.

"These new rates deliver incredible value to the residents of UAE, allowing them to talk longer to a wide range of countries around the world at a fixed rate of 1 fil per second. This new attractive rate is permanent and customers can take advantage of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," said Khaled El Khouly, Chief Marketing Officer, etisalat, UAE.

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