UAE residents ask how much is fair for maids?

Maids demands have some employers crying foul

There are many stories about maids being abused, but now residents are speaking of being on the receiving end when it comes to getting a house help.

“Yes, they have all the rights but what about my rights? Do I have a forum where I can go and complain and will my interest will be safeguarded?” asked MS, an infuriated Indian resident.

Speaking of her horror tale, she told this website that her maid pushed her five year-old son on the floor.

“It was so bad that he broke his front tooth. He was bleeding when I reached home.

“I had no other option but to send her back to her home country after three months of getting the visa stamped. Who was the loser in this case?” she added.

The work conditions for house maids and domestic help in the UAE is better than most places, with local governments and the UAE authorities working together to ensure fair and humane conditions for these workers.

From a minimum wage to perks such as gratuity, the condition of housemaids has improved greatly in the recent past.

Several countries, including Nepal, from where the deman for maids is great, have often not hesitated to enforce a ban on hiring help from there in case of any violations.

The UAE authorities and police have put in place several regulations to protect these workers from abuse as well.

The training of maids is also another issue.

“They should be trained not only about the house work but also to be patient with children. Most of us here get maids to take care of our kids as both parents are working.

“Without any family support, we resort to maids," added another resident on the condition of anonymity.

Says Shreya Das, an Emirates Living resident in Dubai, “Their visa is paid for, they are given free accommodation, unlimited supply of food, air-conditioned environment, annual tickets to home country, afternoon naps, weekly offs, toiletries (only Dove, Nivea or Pantene products) and a salary ten times they would have got in their home countries with an annual increment and now gratuity…. the list is endless.

“So how does one define being fair with the maids. They don’t even want to be called by their name. She’s taught my kids to call her aunty,” she added.

“When the authorities say that maids be given return tickets to their home countries, they should also specify the airline.

“My maid refuses to fly Air Arabia. Emirates is her choice. I was shocked when she told me that I have plenty and that I should learn to share,” said Monique M, a South African national in the city.

Recently, this website spoke with residents of the city and majority of them do not welcome the idea of giving house helps end-of-term benefits like gratuity.

“Please define our rights as well,” said a Pakistani national living in Meadows.


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