UAE road rules: How to avoid black points

Enough can’t be said about instilling road etiquette in motorists. Every driver must follow road laws, and ensure he/she drives cautiously to maintain his/her safety and that of the others. However, reality is often different, and sometimes dangerous.

So, in our effort to instill road safety, we look at few road laws that, are often overlooked but if violated, could set you back with fine and add black points to your driver’s license.

The UAE traffic rulebook states that drivers with 72 black points will have their licences revoked, and those who accumulate more than 24 black points in a year will result in a three-month licence suspension, with another 24 points bringing a six-month suspension, and a third set of 24 points bringing a year’s ban. Drivers who reach 24 black points four times have their licence permanently cancelled.

We list out some of the lesser known traffic violations that could add blackpoints.

Overtaking from the right – Dh200 and 4 black points

According to the federal traffic law, the left lane must be used for overtaking. Once the driver has overtaken a vehicle, they must return to the right lane. Overtaking from the right can be dangerous, and incurs penalty and black points.

Opening left door of taxi – Dh100 and 3 black points

The UAE traffic rulebook states that opening the left door taxi is an offence. Taxis, when parked on the side of the road, to take in passengers, will witness traffic on the road, so it could be dangerous for the passengers to tackle road traffic to get inside the cab.

Throwing waste from the vehicles onto roads – Dh500 and 4 black points

So, the next time you decide to clean your car and throw out the waste, stop. You would be better off to collect all the muck, and walk to the nearest bin to trash it.

Not giving pedestrians ways on zebra crossing – Dh500 and 6 black points

Some zebra crossings in the UAE do not have traffic lights, but that doesn’t mean that every time you spot a pedestrian waiting to cross over, you must slow down your vehicle, and give them the right of way.

Abuse of parking spaces – Dh200 and 3 black points

We know that finding free parking spots in the UAE is often a tough task, but that doesn’t mean drivers can park where they feel like, often obstructing traffic and abusing parking spaces.

Stopping on the road for no reason – Dh500 and 4 black points

As the law explains, any stop on the road for no reason is a dangerous violation.