UAE's injured soldiers eager to return


Standing solidly behind the UAE’s leadership, Emirati soldiers injured while conducting ‘Operation Restoring Hope’ in Yemen say they are ready to return to the battlefield and sacrifice their lives to defend the homeland, according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper Emarat Al Youm.

The Medical Services Corps of the UAE Armed Forces transferred in the past two days a number of soldiers who suffered light to moderate injuries to receive treatment in several hospitals.

Meanwhile, Colonel Dr Saleh Saif Al Ali of Zayed Military Hospital said the injuries of soldiers brought back to the UAE in the past two days are relatively moderate.

“A number of them have already been discharged from hospitals after receiving necessary medical care,” he said.

Speaking at the Armed Forces Club after media persons visited the wounded in several hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dr Al Ali said the morale of injured UAE soldiers returning from Yemen is high.

He added that they all expressed their desire to return to the battlefield after recovery and continue their mission till victory is achieved.

He pointed out that in line with the directives of the leadership of the UAE, all injuries will receive all medical and therapeutic treatment until recovery.

Dr Al Ali said the Medical Services Corps has dealt with the situation efficiently, beginning with evacuation and flew injured soldiers to UAE hospitals.

He said the injured soldiers were admitted to a number of hospitals including Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Zayed Military Hospital where they were promptly treated in co-ordination with civilian hospitals.

He added that medical teams, which include members of all disciplines, are giving round-the-clock care for the wounded soldiers.

He noted that soldiers sometimes sustain fractures, burns and wounds caused by shrapnel during military operations. But, in general, the condition of the injured soldiers is under control.

He stressed that most of the cases are stable and do not require surgical intervention. Some of the wounds and fractures were dealt with in the field.

Meanwhile, at the Zayed Military Hospital, 33-year- old solider Ali Al Shehi from the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah said he was injured in the right foot by shrapnel. Medical teams decided to return him to the UAE for treatment. 

Al Shehi said "all citizens have a strong desire to meet the call of the UAE leadership and give their lives to defend the homeland.” He said his friends and family had visited him in hospital to wish him speedy recovery.

29-year-old soldier Saeed Obaid Ali Al Sureedy from Fujairah said he was injured in the thigh. He added that this injury will not hinder his return to the battlefield to achieve victory and raise the flag of UAE.

He paid tribute to the souls of the martyrs who gave their lives for the motherland, stressing that "all soldiers are behind the leadership till complete victory.”

37-year-old sergeant Latif Abdulaziz Al Baluchi from the Emirate of Ajman expressed pride that he was injured in the battlefield while defending the homeland. He praised the medical care he has received since his injury after his return home.

29-year-old solider Saud Abdullah Al Shehi from the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah expressed hope that his wounds would recover quickly so as to enable him to return to Yemen to help UAE troops there.

From the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, 31-year-old soldier Ali Al Abdoli from Dibba Al Fujairah said he suffered fractures in different places and was brought to the UAE on Monday for treatment.

He pointed out that all soldiers are sons of the late Sheikh Zayed, the great founder of the UAE, and ready to return again to the battlefield and sacrifice their lives for the homeland.

26-year-old soldier Essa Al Hawsani said the morale of all wounded soldiers are high and they are ready to sacrifice themselves in response to the call of the leadership.

He added that he had shrapnel in his chest and will undergo surgery next week and said he hoped to return to the battlefield.

44-year-old solider Badr Ahmed Al Janahi from the Emirate of Dubai said he was injured in the foot. Injuries will not prevent soldiers from defending what is right, he said.

27-year-old Essa Al Ka’abi of Abu Dhabi said he was injured in the foot and received medical care from the moment of arrival in the UAE.

Also among the injured soldiers admitted to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi is 35-year-old soldier Jassim Saeed Al Nouby from the Emirate of Dubai. He said that he had an injury in the thigh. He said all soldiers are ready to give their lives for protecting the homeland.

43-year-old Sgt. Hamid Mohamed Khalifa of the Emirate of Ajman said he was wounded by shrapnel in the pelvis and praised the care and attention that he received since his arrival in the UAE.


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