UAE to ban sale of used car tyres

Decision to be enforced in September and new law sets tyre life at 5 years

Dealers need either to quickly sell or destroy their stock of used car tyres before September when the UAE begins enforcing a new law banning dealing in second hand tyres, an official was reported on Sunday as saying.

The law is in line with rules issued by the UAE Specifications and Standardization Authority to upgrade safety on the country’s roads.

Officials said the deadline given to dealers through the UAE is enough for them to get rid of their stock of used car tyres.

“Dealers now have three choices before the enforcement of this decision…either they sell their stock of used tyre, re-export them or destroy them,” said Mohammed Saleh al Badri, the Authority’s acting director.

“As for September 1, unified specifications for car tyres will be enforced and will be binding to all tyre dealers and importers.”

Quoted by local newspapers, he said the new rules set the operational life of car tyres at a maximum five years whether after use or storage, adding that they involve all types of tyres of cars and motorcycles.

Badri said the only exception is for tyres used by vehicles which do not operate inside cities, including heavy duty trucks, farm machines, beach vehicles, golf cars, aircraft tyres, construction machines and other vehicles which operate outside key roads and motorways.


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