UAE troops in great advances on Marib, Sanaa in Yemen


Latest: Al Bayan reports that the UAE troops, backed by coalition forces, have made great progress around Marib and have succeeded in isolating the Houthi rebel militia

Coalition forces have also progressed towards Sanaa, especially in the Sirwah district.

Reports indicate that coalition forces gained control of most areas in Marib by raising the flags of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in strategic locations.

Warplanes continued targeting Houthi positions on the outskirts of Sanaa and Shabwa.

Martyrdom of serviceman in Marib

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces announced the martyrdom of one of its soldiers in the battle in Marib, where the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, backs the legitimate government of Yemen.

In a statement, it said the coalition "is scoring huge successes on the battlefield”.

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces extended its condolences to the relatives of the martyr. It prayed to the Almighty Allah to rest his soul in eternal peace, and bestow patience and solace on his family and relatives. 

UAE jets pound rebel positions

The jet fighters of the air force and air defence of the United Arab Emirates have launched successful air strikes on the Houthi militia's strongholds in Yemen and made advance on the ground in Marib as part of the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen.

Saudi Joint Forces Command announces death of 5 soldiers 

The Joint Forces Command of Saudi Arabia has announced the death of five Saudi soldiers, Sergeant Fahd Abdullah Al Qahtani, Corporal Mohammad Jubran Al Qahtani, Yahya Ghlais Alhdri, Salim Awadh Al Qahtani and Ali Mohammed Al Qahtani, all members of the Border Guards.

The soldiers were killed while performing their duty protecting the country's borders against attacking rebels on the southern boundary of the Najran sector.

EU confirms support for Ismail Ould Cheikh

Khaled Bahah, Yemeni Vice-President and Prime Minister, has confirmed during a meeting with the European Union Ambassador to Yemen, Bettina Muchyt, that the only way for the political process is the implementation of UN resolutions relevant to Yemen, especially UN Security Council Resolution No. 2216.

The Yemeni News Agency quoted Bahah, during a meeting with the European ambassador in Riyadh, called for the unification of international efforts with the European Union to stop the bloodshed and destruction caused by the coup and accelerate relief in its various forms and requirements.
He pointed out that the Yemeni government is "making great effort to find solutions and put an end to the Houthi and Ali Abdullah Saleh war and destruction".

The EU Ambassador confirmed the Union's stand alongside legitimacy in Yemen, denouncing the excesses of the Houthi and Saleh militias against civilians.

She also confirmed the EU's support for the efforts of Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the UN special envoy to Yemen, for the success of all missions to restore security and stability in Yemen.

During the meeting, they discussed the current situation and the latest developments in the various governorates in Yemen.

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