UAE vacancies on rise: 3 Dubai jobs you can land right now

Overall, online recruitment activity in the UAE rose by 24% on the year

Healthcare is the top area that jobseekers should look at right now as it offers more opportunities than any other industry in the UAE.
According to the latest Monster Employment Index, this sector leads the industry growth charts in the country for the second month in a row with a 38 per cent growth in online job posts year-on-year (March 2016 as compared to March 2015).
The job demand in the industry is not surprising, given the development of the Dubai 2021 Health Strategy to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health services in the emirate, and strengthen the collaboration between the public and private sectors.
The next best sector that offer job opportunities is retail/trade and logistics, with 36 per cent growth in online job posts.
This is followed by consumer goods/FMCG, food & packaged food, home appliance, garments/textiles/leather, gems & jewellery, with a growth of 32 per cent in job opportunities posted online year-on-year.
Areas where jobs are difficult to land these days include advertising, market research, public relations, media and entertainment; hospitality; and oil and gas.
These sectors show negative demand of 13 per cent, 17 per cent and 22 per cent decrease in e-recruitment activity year-on-year respectively.
Overall, online recruitment activity in the UAE rose by 24 per cent on the year while the annual growth momentum eased 21 percentage points between February and March 2016. The findings place the country as one of the best performing markets in the region on the index.


UAE Top Growth Occupations




UAE Lowest Growth Occupations


Year-over-year Growth





% Growth   Y-o-Y


Year-over-year Growth





% Growth Y-o-Y

Sales and BD





Hospitality and Travel




Health Care





Marketing & Communications/Arts/Creative




Software, Hardware, Telecom





Finance and Account




For the GCC, job demand exceeded the year-ago level by 8 per cent in March 2016 and exhibited the first positive monthly growth since November 2015, up 7 per cent.
“Despite negative economic projections, growth momentum in the GCC region is still positive,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India, Middle East, South East Asia and Hong Kong).
“According to the International Monetary Fund, the reason why the UAE continues to achieve new levels of economic growth despite a strong US dollar and low oil prices is due to its ‘prudent financial policies and sound economic methodology’. Early market liberalisation and deregulation has successfully led the country to open up its banking sector to domestic and foreign financial institutions, while also attracting major non-oil foreign trading partners and suppliers,” reads the report.
The Monster Employment Index is a monthly gauge of online job posting activity in Middle East based on real-time review of tens of thousands of employer job opportunities across a large representative selection of career web sites and online job listings.


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