UAE weather alert: Low visibility, strong winds

Drivers should be cautious on roads, reduce speed, and leave enough distance between themselves and other vehicles. (Dennis Mallari)

Hazy, dusty weather will continue for the second day, with the National Center for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) warning motorists of poor visibility due to northwesterly winds aggravating the sandy climes.

In a statement, the NCMS has warned motorists to be cautious on roads, reduce speed and leave enough distance between vehicles, especially on open roads, where the prevalence of blowing sand is higher.

The partially cloudy weather for Monday will bring in some respite from the scorching heat, with the NCMS also issuing a marine warning for the Arabian Gulf, forecasting rough seas and high waves, with moderate to rough waters in the Oman Sea that will continue tomorrow.

While the dust is expected to settle by Tuesday, the rising humidity will create its own weather issues with possibility of mist and fog in the early morning.

Foggy, muggy weather is expected to take us into Wednesday, with the Mercury turning up the heat post noon, as temperatures are gradually expected to rise.

Some cloud cover over the eastern mountains will bring some respite in the area.

On Sunday, the UAE weather took a turn for the worse, with blowing sand reducing horizontal discernibility in areas, with the NCMS stating visibility over Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport dropped to 1,300 metres.

The highest temperature recorded on Sunday soared to 46.3 degrees Celsius over Fujairah International Airport.

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