UAE weather: Cooler temperatures as hottest days have just gone by

Saudi could see 70°C in sun: reports; RAK mountains coolest place in UAE

The hottest day this summer may well have just passed us by.

On Friday, July 27, the UAE witnessed temperatures of 49°C for the first time this year.

The good news is that it could be the hottest day this summer as temperatures within the country will hover around 42°C to 44°C during the coming weeks, and drop by another two degrees for the rest of August.

International Weather forecasting service provider AccuWeather has, in its forecast for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, marked Friday as the hottest day ever this year registering the temperature at 49°C -  a jump of three degrees compared to the previous day.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology in the UAE the temperature during the coming few days would hover around 46°C to 48°C in internal areas, while it will range between 40°C to 44°C degrees in coastal areas.

“During the next 24 hours the weather is going to remain partly cloudy to cloudy.

“Cloud amounts will increase over some eastern and southern areas, with some towering clouds by afternoon over some of these areas. Winds will be light to moderate in general,” said the forecaster.

All the readings refer to temperatures in the shade and can differ quite a bit when compared to temperatures directly under the sun.

Saudi: 50° C and rising

It was not just in the UAE but temperatures across the Gulf has been rising. Temperatures this summer has been expected to go beyond 50°C in the shade and there have been many tweets from Saudi of temperatures exceeding the danger level.

Many tweeters across the Gulf have also uploaded pictures of their car readings of temperature well above 50°C.

Temperatures in Saudi Arabia could get as high as 50°C over the next two months, reports from the Kingdom said.

A report in an Arabic daily from Saudi Arabic Al Watan quoting Saudi astronomer Dr. Khalid Al Zaaq from the Arab Federation for Space Science said this summer could be pretty hot with temperatures reaching 70°C under direct sunlight and 50°C in the shade.

Temperatures during the summer months in Saudi Arabia can typically average between 45°C to 54°C.

RAK is coolest

Meanwhile according to NCMS the coldest place in the UAE was atop the Jees mountain in Ras Al Khaimah.

“During the past 24 hours, UAE registered the coldest temperature of 25.8° C at 05.45am at the Jees mountain in RAK. This is an exceptional case and such low temperatures are not usually witnessed in the UAE’s coastal or internal areas during the summer months,” said the forecaster.

According to him the lowest recorded temperature in coastal area during the last 24 hours was in Umm Al Quwain.

“The temperature at 6.30 am was 31.2° C,” he added.

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