UAE weekend weather: Fog warning

Heavy fog in Dubai this morning. (Eudore Chand)

Motorists are cautioned over heavy fog conditions in the coming few days, with the UAE's weather bureau warning of a notable spike in humidity levels that will also result in reduced visibility on the roads in the morning hours of Saturday to Monday.

The country's National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) stated the severe fog and mist will result from the increase in humidity levels, which will reach 100 per cent in the coming days, adding to the overall discomfort for UAE residents.

Speaking with 'Emirates 24|7', the NCMS stated the only respite from the heat will come from a drop in temperatures, with the lowest average closing in on 23 degrees Celsius in the inland areas, early in the morning over the weekend.

The spokesperson further stated: "The weather over the weekend will largely be stable, with Friday seeing a chance of light mist and fog in the central and western part of the region, namely Madinat Zayed, Liwa and surrounding areas.

"However, by Saturday, the strong, stable weather will see moisture trapped in the lower atmosphere, giving rise to patches of fog, scattered over parts of the UAE, which will continue on until Monday."

The spokesperson added the 100 per cent humidity levels will add to the discomfort, while greatly reducing horizontal visibility in the morning hours.

The spokesperson added: "The largely clear skies by mid-afternoon will see temperatures average around 24-27 degrees Celsius around the coastal areas, while the inland areas could see temperatures drop as low as 23 degrees Celsius."

Over the weekend, residents who may spot sporadic cumulus cloud formation may have to wait a while for the rain to make its way, with the NCMS stating the chance of rainfall over the weekend was less than 20 per cent.

Meanwhile, those who do plan to venture into the high seas after the morning fog has lifted, do take note: the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea is expected to be moderate on Friday and Saturday, while the latter seeing possibility of rough water near the UAE northern coast or the Strait of Hormuz.

The NCMS further added: "Even as the weather cools off, we are warning commuters that this shift in weather will give rise to thick fog in parts and they must heed the warning before venturing out in the early hours."  


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