Unknown donor to treat Iraqi cancer child

An unknown Emirati has donated Dh1.6 million to fund the treatment of a 12-year-old Iraqi boy who needs a costly bone marrow transplant operation in Germany to save his life after suffering from cancer.

The man called Dubai Health Authority and offered the sum so it will take immediate arrangements to fly Hassanain Adel to Germany.

The donor, who refused to reveal his name, made the donation after Hassanain’s ordeal was published by Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum last week. “The operation will cost around Dh1.6 million and the Emirati donor has offered all the sum for the boy,” the paper said.

Hassainain had suffered twice from leukemia but was treated at hospitals in the UAE. Now he is suffering from the disease for the third time and is being treated at the Abu Dhabi-based Gulf Oncology Centre.

But doctors at Dubai Hospital have said the boy needs to be sent to Germany for a bone marrow operation which they said can not be done in the UAE. “Hassanain should have that operation as soon as possible because his life is in danger,” the paper said, citing a Dubai Hospital medical report.

It quoted his father as saying he could not afford the expenses of his son’s treatment abroad as his business has come to a standstill so he can look after Hassanain. “Doctors told us my son needs a bone marrow transplant so the cancer will not return and spread through his body,” the father said.

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