Verdicts in school bus death to be contested


The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has announced that it is preparing a memorandum to challenge the judgments of the Abu Dhabi Appeal Court on the verdicts for defendants, who were accused of causing the death of child, Naziha, when they left her in the school bus.

Earlier, the Abu Dhabi Misdemeanour Court convicted all the defendants.

The sentences included the closure of the school, where the incident occurred in one of the buses, while the driver, bus supervisor, and an administrative staff member were collectively ordered to pay the blood money to the parents of the victim and serve jail terms.

The Court of Appeal overturned the rulings against the defendants by abolishing the closure of the school and halving the blood money.

The rulings were contested by the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution, which is currently preparing a memo to contest these rulings before the Court of Cassation.

The Public Prosecution indicated that it had been demanding since the beginning of the case to slap the maximum penalty on those convicted, given the fact that the victim was a young girl they should have accorded more care and safety.

It added that the death occurred due to a sequence of neglect and irresponsible behaviour, noting that it could have been averted if any of the accused had done his/her job properly.

It underscored that it is following the case in the spirit of responsibility before the courts to issue deterrent verdicts that could curb future blatant negligence.


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