Video: Dubai Media Office lab takes innovation to the X-treme

The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) launched the Media Innovation Lab with a specialised workshop on the production of extreme sports films.

The Media Innovation Lab is a quarterly event that aims to promote a culture of innovation and creativity in media. The initiative seeks to share knowledge on media-related innovation among corporate communication and media professionals and media students. It is also in line with the UAE leadership’s directives to promote innovation in all sectors.
Joel Schaeffer from XDubai presented an overview of production techniques of extreme sports films.

Media students from various UAE universities attended the workshop that was held at the Government of Dubai Media Office.
Senior Manager of Strategic Communication at GDMO Noora Al Mansoori said, "Innovation and creativity are an integral part of the activities of the Government of Dubai Media Office. We are keen to engage with professionals from the fields of corporate communication, media and academia in our Media Innovation Lab.

“The initiative responds to the leadership’s call to promote innovation among media professionals.

“The Media Innovation Lab will feature quarterly events that will bring experts from various media disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences with the UAE media community and media students."
During the workshop, Schaeffer talked about the production of the ‘Jetman’ movie.

He said the movie promotes Dubai as the land of dreams and showcases the enormous development of the emirate over the past few years.

He said the originality and creativity of the production team helped in creating an outstanding film that attracted millions of views and likes on social media.

Schaeffer said that innovation and creativity are essential for movie production and Dubai offers extraordinary opportunities for making creative films.
The initial series of Media Innovation Lab events feature workshops by Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies; Joyce Baz, Regional Communications Manager for Google in the Middle East; apart from Joel Schaeffer.
National Media Council to organise Media Innovation Forum
The National Media Council (NMC) is organising the Media Innovation Forum on Tuesday as part of the UAE Innovation Week 2015, aimed at promoting the culture of innovation in the region.
The forum is part of the NMC's efforts to draft a national strategy and future vision that contribute to the improvement of the media industry, develop national media workers and launch initiatives to promote the role of media in spreading the message of the UAE to peoples of the world.
The forum will include workshops, lectures, seminars and presentations by innovation leaders, social media influencers and media personalities who will discuss challenges facing the media industry.
Mansour Al Mansouri, Acting Director General of the National Media Council, said, "Through the NMC's strategy aimed at developing the UAE's media industry, we seek to introduce the latest to the media. The upcoming forum is in response to the leaders' ambitious vision for develop the UAE's media sector and promote the overall success of the UAE in various spheres."
The launch of the media innovation forum, he added, also reflects the leadership's vision for investing in people and supporting innovation and excellence to develop programmes and strategies to improve the performance of our national human resources.

"The NMC backs the local media sector and investment in this sector in line with our ambitious vision for global excellence in the field of regulating the media sector," Al Mansouri said.
As part of the forum, social media influencers will be hosted in a closed-door workshop along with 30 Emirati participants to introduce innovative ideas to employ social media in promoting patriotism, produce faster reaction to fast-paced global developments, as part of crisis management that uses social networking platforms, and discuss innovative solutions from social media for traditional media.
Participants from Abu Dhabi Media Company, Google Middle East and North Africa, Y2D, a digital media company, Al Arabiya TV Channel will present their experiences and visions for media innovation.

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