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VIP or not, no one is above the law for Dubai Police

Pic: Emaratalyoum

Dubai Police issued a violation against the car of the 5 D number plate after he violated the traffic law and parked in a parking for people with special needs said Lieutenant General Khamis Mattar Al Mazina the Dubai commander in Chief reported Emarat Al Youm newspaper.

He pointed out that it has been summoned the owner of the vehicle to the General Directorate of traffic today, and ask him about the timing and place of the offense.

L. G. Al Mazina told Emarat Al Youm that it has been violated the car such as any other car committed a violation regardless its plate number and it has been taken action in accordance with the law that applies to everyone without distinction.

It is worth mentioning that Dubai Police received video was posted via social networking sites showing a Rolls-Royce with the 5 D number was parked in the white rectangle that characterizes the parking of those with special need.

Despite the existence of unoccupied parking within two meters and the video showing that the owner of the vehicle got out of the car and spoke on the phone and then back and left.

L. G. Al Mazina added that the owner of the vehicle apologized for the violation and mentioned that he was not driving, according to the timing and the place where the violation was issued.

Al Mazina stressed that no one is above the law and Dubai police staff when taking action they do not look at the vehicle model or plates while on duty.

He added that that was clear in such case they violated the car after committing violation and parked the vehicle in a place for handicapped people.

He emphasized that value of the fine of the parking vehicle in places allocated for handicapped is Dh1000 in addition to 4 black points.

He added also summon the vehicle owner who is called usually to ask him about the person who was driving the car at the time of the violation to record the violation on his license.