VP and Mohamed bin Zayed to chair UAE government annual meetings

Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, will chair the annual meetings of the UAE government in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

Over 400 leading government officials, including the Crown Princes and members of the Executive Council will be present.

The two-day annual meetings will focus on reviewing two key national development plans, the UAE vision 2021 and the UAE Centennial 2071.

The goals and progress of UAE Vision 2021 will be assessed, including outlining a plan for the next three years. The meetings will also set out to complete a solid foundation for the UAE Centennial 2071.

Five long-term strategies and 120 national initiatives will be launched in over 30 federal and local sectors during the meetings, in addition to reviewing the global geopolitical climate, and discussing the UAE’s objectives over the coming three years.

They will focus on aligning national objectives and setting a clear infrastructure for the country’s future by introducing policies and services that are set to meet national goals.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said, "Our development as a country is achieved through cohesion and integration of all government sectors and entities, one cannot thrive without the other. The goal of our meetings is to align together, and achieve developmental leaps for all sectors across all of the UAE."

"The UAE Government annual meetings will mark the first steps our nation takes toward its 100th anniversary; we will look for creative ideas that can set the agenda for a prosperous future for our nation. Our goal is to ensure the wealth of many more generations to come," he continued.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed expressed his confidence in the success of the annual meetings, and their important role in promoting the UAE’s renaissance and citizen’s happiness, saying, "We are taking yet another step toward realising the aspirations of our people and solidifying their futures for many generations to come."

Stressing on the importance of seizing the initiative and working hard in order to remain competitive and pioneer the future in a rapidly changing world, His Highness elaborated, "We must work together as a cohesive and effective team in order to prepare for tomorrow with ambition and a vision that looks far ahead into the future."

He added, "The UAE government exists to make its people happy, and this mission is supported by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who seek to create a positive present and future for the country."

He concluded, "The UAE has developed quickly and significantly during the past 5 decades; we hope for further developments as UAE Vision 2021 approaches, and we are so positive on the coming 5 decades that will lead us to the UAE Centennial 2071."

The UAE Government annual meetings will see the presence of over 400 dignitaries, including executive board members of the seven emirates, ministers, heads of official federal and local government bodies and more.

At the meetings, 120 national initiatives in 11 vital areas will be launched, including national programmes, laws, legislation, services, database information, strategic plans and local reports and studies.

Long-term national strategies will also be launched, including the UAE Soft Power Strategy, the Emirates Higher Education Strategy, the UAE Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy and the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036.

The meetings will also cover over 30 subjects including economics, infrastructure and housing, health and prevention services, youth, resettlement, the environment, energy, higher education and science research, media smart services, technology and innovation, and gender balance.

There will also be various workshops and specialised lectures that will dissect the most relevant anticipated challenges for the next five decades, with a focus on how to develop plans in preparation for them.

The UAE Government annual meetings will address the objectives and results achieved so far within the UAE Vision 2021 framework, including the goal of establishing the UAE among the best countries in the world in various fields and in accordance with international indicators.

To achieve these goals, a National Agenda was established and divided the objectives into six national axes representing main government sectors: education, health, economy, police and security, housing and infrastructure, and government services.

The meetings aim to provide the largest and most comprehensive platform for federal and local governments to discuss the challenges facing the UAE’s development process and government priorities in various sectors, and to introduce appropriate strategies and policies.

The meetings also seek to harmonise federal and local government strategies.

They mark the start of planning for UAE Centennial 2071, including a comprehensive and extensive government programme with long-term strategies to establish the UAE’s reputation in the region, a system of values for future generations, increasing productivity in the national economy and enhancing social solidarity and cohesion.

In June, the UAE Cabinet approved the UAE government annual meetings, which aim to align government work at both the federal and local levels.

Annual development challenges are discussed with representatives from all levels of government and in the presence of all officials. UAE Centennial 2071, which is based on the historic lecture by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, will be discussed annually as well.