Waiter threatens to kill boss, marry his wife

Pic used for illustrative purposes only. (SUPPLIED)

An Asian waiter, whose resignation was turned down by the management, threatened to kill the HR manager and marry his wife.

SMN said he received three SMS from a mobile number unfamiliar to him. The first one said: "Hello brother. How are you? Life is very dangerous. This is not a warning…going to marry your wife. Just think about your child and yourself."

SMN replied: "Who are you?. To this, the accused send another SMS, which read: “I will not tell you everything now… you just think of what will happen next.”

Very soon he also got three calls from the same number, which he could not pick up  as he was performing his afternoon prayers, SMN told the Dubai Misdemeanour Court on Tuesday.

After the prayers, he dialled the number but all his calls were unanswered, he recalled.

Then the third SMS followed: “Hello brother. How is life? I will kill you very soon.”

That is when SMN decided to inform the police.

According to the accusation sheet, the waiter put in his papers after he got a better offer from a Jebel Ali-based hotel. But the management did not accept it. However, he stopped work and asked the management to cancel his visa and send him home.

He told the court: "I wanted to scare him [HR manager] as he destroyed my future."

He expressed shock as he was arrested because, according to him, he stopped sending SMS on July 13.