Warrant for insulting FNC in video

The Public Prosecution of Abu Dhabi has ordered the arrest of a man accused of mocking and insulting the Federal National Council in an online video.
In a statement, the Public Prosecution stressed that the step was not in conflict with the principle of freedom of -expression.

The Public Prosecution explained that as per the constitution of the UAE, the country's penal code protects the public’s freedom of opinion as long as it does not breach limitations of morality and religion.
The prosecutors said the man, not an FNC candidate himself, appeared in the video, offending and mocking candidates and their campaigns.
In the video, he stated that he would promote criminal and obscene acts if he was elected to the council.

The video was shared on social media apps during elections.
The Public Prosecution explained that the UAE penal code prosecutes anyone who offends and insults others.

It said the Federal National Council is one of the three authorities set up as per the constitution where candidates and voters represent the UAE and seek to promote a better future for the country and take up the issues impacting the country and its citizens.
Abu Dhabi Attorney-General Ali Mohammed Al Baloushi urged public to use social media with caution.
He warned against publishing, preparing, producing, using, broadcasting or transmitting any written or spoken statements, gestures, symbols, drawings, photographs, recordings or writings, in audio, visual or print format, of anything that harms society or public order of the country.

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