Weather forecast puts UAE motorists on fog alert

Temperatures in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah drop marginally

Motorists across the UAE have been warned of foggy weather on Tuesday morning, even as temperatures across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah dropped marginally today.

“The temperature has dropped by a degree across the coastal region today, due to low pressure over the sea,” said a forecaster at the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi will witness a high of 42° C while in Dubai it will be around 41° C.
At Al Ain the highest temperature on Monday will be about 45° C, the NCMS forecast said.

Meanwhile, those planning to visit parks and beach areas tonight have been warned of with pretty high humidity tonight.
“The humidity level will be pretty high at over 85 per cent tonight,” the NCMS forecaster said.

According to him Tuesday morning will also be extremely foggy. “We will be issuing a fog warning for tomorrow soon. Motorists should be cautious,” he added.

“Relative humidity will increase over some coastal areas during night and early morning, with chance of fog over some of these areas,” the daily NCMS weather forecast said.

It also added that some clouds may appear over the eastern areas by afternoon, with possibly of some towering clouds over the eastern mountains.

However the forecast ruled out any possibility of rain anywhere in the UAE.

“The winds will be light to moderate in general, freshening at times, may cause blowing dust/sand, reducing horizontal visibility, especially over some of the western areas. Sea will be slight to moderate in general,” it added.

Rain in Oman

Meanwhile, it has been reported that interior parts of Oman has been experiencing heavy rainfall during the past few days.

Social networking sites are abuzz with reports of the rain and some have even posted pictures of the downpour.

“These showers will have no impact on weather in the UAE. In fact the it is only raining in the interior parts of Oman. Muscat and other areas are experiencing dry, hot and humid weather,” the NCMS official added.

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