What eating out in Dubai will be like in 2020 [video]

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat out in 2020? Dubai Municipality gives you a sneak peek through their futuristic video .

As, Dubai gears to play host to the World Expo 2020, the civic body highlights their work towards setting Dubai on top of the world’s food map.

The 3.30-minute video traces a family of three as they fly into Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport on June 2020.

They hop on the Expo Rider, and head to the main centre.

The trio is seen using their smartphone app to decide on which restaurant to dine in based on their grading. Once, the restaurant is selected, they use Makani to show them the directions.

The family is then seen choosing through a touch-screen interface on their table.

The lady then quizzes a waiter about the relevance of the “thumbs-up and grade ‘A’” on their board. He explains how it’s an indication of superior quality, and how the food inspection exercise ensures restaurants constantly review, refine and rebuild their business efficiently.

An inspector also highlights how smart-apps are used to conduct the inspections.

The family checks the ‘Happy Dubai’ meter and gives the restaurant a ‘thumbs up’.

The Dubai Municipality had launched the traffic-light-styled stickers in November last year, which showcased the grading awarded to each restaurant would be put out on display for the public.

“The colour rankings will change depending on each restaurant’s working conditions, and is not reflective of their scores from the inspection,” Bobby Krishna, Principal Food Studies officer at Dubai Municipality had then explained.

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