Which is the best spot to watch Dubai Fountain show from?


"You may experience some water spray from The Dubai Fountain show," reads a sign board placed in front of the lower part of the bridge extending over the Dubai Mall Lake.

The lower part forms an addition to the existing bridge connecting Dubai Mall to Souk al Bahar, and was completed with the end of Ramadan.

"The construction is part of Emaar’s ongoing efforts to enhance visitor experience in Downtown Dubai,” said an Emaar spokesperson.

During of Dubai Fountain show times, which is every 30 minutes during evening hours, the area around the lake is quickly filled up with hundreds of spectators.

The bridge is one of the popular locations from which the spectacle is viewed. As soon as the show is over the crowd disperses, and crossing the bridge becomes close to impossible.

With the extension of the bridge at least one extra lane has been guaranteed.
The addition to the bridge was built without elevation, so all passengers, including those in wheelchair or with strollers can cross it, and is located at the lakeside, hence the splash warning.

"People can get wet when they stand there. The fountains will probably be adjusted, but for now these warning signs have been posted," explained an Emaar source.

"This area can get really crowded. On New Year's Eve we have had to close the bridge from two sides because the crowd was too large to fit onto the bridge."

Although the extension will mainly benefit spectators on the lookout for the perfect spot to watch the show, residents of the Souk Al Bahar complex will enjoy greater access too.

"This will certainly provide much more space. It is a very good initiative," commented a resident on the 4th floor who did not want to be named.

South African Bonita Carr who used to live in the complex acknowledges the improvement.
"For residents of Souk Al Bahar Dubai Mall is the nearest location for daily shopping.

“I recall how we had to plan our trip to the supermarket, because once the fountain show is over there is no way getting through the crowd."

Because of the dredging of part of the lake, excessive sand still fills the bottom of the lake.
A team of workers is currently digging up this sand, explained the Emaar source.

Meanwhile, construction work is ongoing on the other side of the bridge, where the lake is dredged to make place for a couple of new restaurants.

"All of this will benefit business in Souk Al Bahar. More people will be able to cross the bridge and come and visit this side of the bridge," said the source.