Who's the Dubai VIP who piled up Dh9.4m fines in 12,740 offences?

An important personality in Dubai has piled up 12,740 traffic offences involving fines of nearly Dh9.4 million in just 18 months, topping the VIP list of traffic offenders prepared by the traffic police in the emirate.

The list includes 33 VIPs, who have committed a total 21,148 offences and accumulated a whopping Dh14.3 million in fines.

The list was published on Sunday by the Arabic language daily Alittihad, which quoted Dubai’s traffic police chief Major General Mohammed Al Zafin as saying all those persons are being contracted to pay the penalties.

“No one, who ever he is, is exempt from paying traffic fines unless there is a rightful objection,” Zafin told the Abu Dhabi-based daily.

The list shows one VIP, who was not identified, has piled up a staggering 12,740 road penalties involving Dh9.39 million in fines in 18 months.  It showed the fines were committed by the “many vehicles” owned by that personality as well as other cars whose registration has expired.

The second VIP on the list has committed 1,826 traffic offences involving fines of around Dh1.24 million, the report showed.

The list showed that cars owned by 34 government offices committed 8,103 offences involving fines of Dh4.8 million during that period.


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