Why now is right time to start job-hunt

HR experts say an uptick in hiring suggests companies are on the look-out for talent again

For people who’ve been worried about the job market conditions, good news seems to be coming from leading HR experts in the UAE.
The wait may finally be over, according to experts, and now may be a good time to scout for a new job in the country.
According to Lama Ataya, Chief Marketing Officer at Bayt.com, candidates need not sit tight in their current positions. “We have definitely seen an uptick in hiring momentum in our key markets and this bodes well for professionals who may have been sitting tight and averse to taking any career risks in the relatively slower days. [They] may now find it is a good time to explore many new opportunities.
“Although employers had the upper-hand, post the economic crisis, due to the abundant pool of talents that was left stranded after layoffs, it is important for competitive top-calibre talent to understand that they are always sought after regardless of financial and economic situation,” she told Emirates 24|7. 
Konstantina Sakellariou, Partner, Marketing & Operations Director at Stanton Chase believes that a conservative approach may not hold.
“An executive will actively look for a new opportunity only if the current position does not fulfill his/her aspirations. However, as the global and regional markets are not expected to stabilise soon, I do not believe a very conservative approach will really support the professional advancement of the executives. It is normal for an executive to always have his/her eyes open for new opportunities – and actually this is irrespective of a crisis period or not. Even though the economies are still fragile, people may move around, looking for opportunities that match better their professional aspirations,” she said.
As per experts in the country, an individual’s circumstances determine whether he will or not look-out for a job change.
“This [job-switch] has always depended on an individual's personal circumstances, appetite to take on risk, professional standing in the market, and demand and supply in their particular niche. For some people it is the right time to move, and for others not,” said Hasnain Qazi, Middle East Business Manager at Huxley Associates.
Stability and financial reasons can be vital factors in determining whether a candidate will look out now or not.
“If they (candidates) have non-financial reasons for looking to move jobs such as career development or a better working environment then it is sensible to make discreet enquiries in the market. However, if candidates are looking purely for a large salary increment they may find that this is not easy to obtain in the current market.
“This [job change] depends on the candidate’s unique individual situation and the extent to which stability is a key objective for them. It also depends on how stable their potential employer is compared to their current employer; if the potential new employer is a financially strong and well-established company then this reduces the level of risk involved in changing jobs.” Cliff Single, Commercial Manager at BAC Middle East told this website.
According to Bayt.com’s findings the job market is definitely changing, improving the prospects of candidates looking for a change.
“[According to our] January 2011 job index survey, which is conducted quarterly to look at employment trends gauge employers’ perceptions of job availability and hiring and identify job trends in the Middle East job market, showed that only 10 per cent of UAE employers will probably or definitely not hire in 2011 while 24 per cent are not certain whether they would hire or not and an overwhelming 66 per cent are planning to hire.
“The same study conducted in January 2011 showed that 17 per cent of UAE employers had no plans to hire during 2010. The progress might have been relatively slow but definitely steady,” said Ataya.
“[Our index] shows that of those hiring in the UAE, 44 per cent of employers said they will be filling in up to 5 vacancies this year while 27 per cent said they will be filling in between 6 to 10 vacancies this year.
“Job vacancies on [our site] are also as robust as ever with on average 12,000 fresh jobs advertised on our site daily. Employers continue to recruit locally and from abroad today depending on the nature of the job, its requirements and the ideal qualifications they are looking for,” elaborated the Bayt.com expert.


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