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Wife wins divorce case against absent husband

Wife wins divorce case against absent husband
Supreme court supports wife after husband was away from her for a year
The Federal Supreme Council (FSC) sided with an Arab wife and granted her a divorce from her husband for his continuous absence of at least one year from home without supporting her, press reports said on Thursday.
The unnamed woman had earlier won the divorce case at a court in Khor Fakkan, prompting the husband to appeal at a Sharjah court, which overturned that sentence. She then appealed with the FSC.
The wife told the Supreme Court that her husband had been deliberately absent from home for more than 365 days without supporting her and asked for a sentence based on the personal law in the couple’s home country.
“The FSC tried to summon the husband for hearings but could not contact him as his address was not known…it then made several announcements for him through the local media but he still did not respond,” Emirat Alyoum daily said.
“The court then decided to hold its session in the husband’s absence…after hearing the case, it decided to support the wife’s bid for a divorce in line with the laws in the couple’s home country…according to those laws, the wife has the right to ask for a divorce in case her husband is absent from home for at least 365 days without any acceptable excuse even if she can support herself.”
The paper did not mention the couple’s home country or say if they have children.
Emirati killed after car rams into tree
A 28-year-old Emirati man was killed after his car rammed into a tree and overturned several times in Sharjah because of high speed, the semi official Arabic language newspaper Alittihad said on Thursday.
The unnamed man was driving his car on Maliha street in the city on Tuesday when he lost control of the vehicle due to high speed.
“The car rammed into a tree then overturned many times…the man died on the spot,” the paper said, quoting police sources.
Girl commits suicide by hanging
An Indian girl committed a suicide by hanging herself by a piece of her clothes tied to the ceiling fan at her house in Sharjah.
Police found the 26-year-old girl dead at her house and are investigating the motives for the suicide, newspaper said.
Thieves use pepper spray to rob changer
Gang arrested after woman gave police car number
Seven thieves entered an exchange shop in a quiet area in Dubai, sprayed pepper on the only employee and beat him up before making away with more than Dh337,000. But they were all arrested later.
The men, apparently knowing the employee had a large amount of money at that time, walked into the shop quietly and headed for the worker who was sat next to a bag containing Dh337,000 and $5,000.
They sprayed him with pepper then jumped on him and snatched the bag after bearing him up. They then made away with all the money.
“A woman who happened to be in that area phoned the police and told them about the incident and the car number,” Albayan newspaper said, adding that the robbery took place on December 1.
“Investigation led the police to know the whereabouts of the driver, who lives in Ajman….his house was raided in coordination with Ajman’s police and the money and another accomplice were found there…the others were later arrested, including one who lives in Abu Dhabi,” it added without identifying the thieves.