Woman 'insults' Sharjah headmistress

A women entered one of Sharjah’s public schools and insulted the headmistress verbally during the morning assembly in front of the academic, administrative employees and school students, according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper ‘Al Bayan’

Following the incident, the school principal wrote an official report to police and submitted similar complaint to Sharjah Educational Zone which in turn transferred the complaint to the Department of Legal Affairs.

According to the school principal, the guardian is responsible for the student who happened to be her older sister. She entered the school during the morning assembly and asked about the principal. When the principal introduced herself, the older sister started insulting her adding that all attempts to calm her down failed.

The principal of the school said that the student was at fault over several irregularities like being late, absences, lack of commitment to the school dress code and dealing inappropriately with administrative employee and teachers.

She said that she had talked with the student about the delay, lack of commitment and putting make-up but she did not like the repeated directives, so she told her sister.

She added the student’s sister refused to listen to us believing that her sister was oppressed. She confirmed the that they had treated the student in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable in the case of any violation, adding that they, as administrative and teaching authority, never used non-educational methods to advise students.

The Educational Zone confirmed the incident and said that they had referred the case to the Legal Affairs to take  necessary action.

The Educational Zone also confirmed the condemnation and rejection of the incident that happened in the school. It also asked students and their guardians to respect the workers because they are only working to make their children’s lives better. It said parents must hear all sides before taking a hostile attitude based on the point of view of the student alone.


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