Woman matchmaker's BlackBerry service con

A woman matchmaker in Dubai has been nabbed after she allegedly duped several girls and families of cash.

According to local media reports, the GCC national posted adverts on BlackBerry service calling for girls and families looking for eligible men.
She befriended gullible girls and parents who responded to the ad and convinced them that she knew men who perfectly met their demands.
She was caught when one of her compatriots sought her alleged service.
Prosecution records show that her 37-year-old client had forwarded her the requirements, and she promptly replied saying she has found her a suitable partner. However, in order to complete the formalities, the client had to pay her a particular amount.
The client was all set to transfer the money, when she suspected something fishy and investigated her credentials, only to discover that she was a fraud.
Police acted upon her complaint and the matchmaker was nabbed.
The Dubai Attorney General’s office has urged residents to be wary of such fraudsters, especially after such cases have become common now that social media sites are a popular tool.
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