Woman offered Dubai cabbie king’s ransom to lie about backseat sex romp

A 29-year old British woman as RLB, offered a large sum of money to a taxi driver to not tell the Dubai police she and a 27-year old Irish man, identified, as KMR, were having sex in the back of the cab.

According to Case No. 13949 of 2012, before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanor, the RLB and KMR are accused of having sex in the back of taxi, abuse of alcoholic beverages and of obscenity in a public place

The case hinges on the testimony of the taxi driver, identified as K Khan. He told the court he picked up the two accused from a hotel in Dubai and was asked to drive to Barsha first and then to the Marina.

The Irish man started to sip an alcoholic beverage from a bottle with him at which point the taxi driver says he informed him that this is prohibited according to UAE law.

The woman then allegedly finished the bottle and threw it out of the taxi.

The taxi driver testified that the woman then removed her clothes, straddled the man and began to have sex.

He said: "I could see her back was completely naked. I saw a police patrol in the area and stopped the taxi and asked the police man to see what was going on.”

"The policeman asked me to go drive to the police station in Jebel Ali.

“On the way the British woman asked me not to mention what happened inside the taxi and in return she would give me, in cash, a very large sum of money.

“I refused.”

According to Abdullah Obaid the policeman who was stopped by the taxi driver when he looked in to the car he saw the two in a compromising position and the woman semi-naked.

The defendants have denied the charge of having sex inside the taxi and obscenity in a public place, but they confessed to abusing alcoholic beverages.

The lawyer of the accused has requested that the case be postponed to allow for a review of the papers.

The Court, headed by Judge Abdul Aziz Al-Saadani decided to postpone the case to November, in response to the request of the defendants.


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