Woman weighing 400kg hospitalised in Dubai

15 men required to move woman to ambulance

An Emirati woman who weighs nearly 400kg has been hospitalised in Dubai and officials said 15 men from the hospital and the civil defence joined hands to move her to the ambulance in a five-hour transport operation.

Besides obesity, the woman is suffering from limb ulcers, fluid retention, renal problems and other diseases after she remained isolated in her house in the emirate for more than two years. Doctors said she would undergo treatment for those illnesses before they perform a laparoscopic gastric surgery to reduce her weight.

“We tried to move her to the ambulance last week but all our efforts failed…we then called the civil defence,” said Khalifa bin Darai, manager of Dubai Ambulance Services.

Quoted by Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily he said they could not find any bed that would fit the woman, prompting them to lift her bed.

“We lifted the woman in her own bed. We then called a larger ambulance that could accommodate that bed. It took us more than five hours to take her to the hospital.”

Emirat Alyoum quoted doctors at Dubai Hospital as saying the woman, identified as SS, was the heaviest person to be hospitalized in the emirate.

It quoted the woman as saying she fell down in her bathroom at the hospital last week and that she could not move before 12 medical staff members came and moved her back to bed. The woman told the paper she lives on a monthly social aid of Dh5,000 as she is an orphan and is not married, adding that she would not be able to pay her treatment bill, which involves Dh2,000 per night.

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