Woman wins Dh16.9m in Fujairah land case

An Emirati woman who sold her land for Dh10 million in Fujairah three years ago discovered that the property was largely underpriced and demanded damages. After a three-year legal battle, she won Dh16.9 million in compensation.

Two courts had earlier rejected the woman’s case on the grounds more than one year had passed since she made that deal. But the woman did not give up and decided to take her case to the country’s top court—the Federal Supreme Court (FSC).

After hearing the case, the FSC decided to refer it back to a Fujairah court with a new judge panel, according to local newspapers.

The woman told the panel that she sold her property for Dh10 million but found out nearly three years later that its real price is around Dh24 million. She said that she was not aware of the land’s real price when she sold it to that businessman.

“The court ordered the businessman to the pay the woman Dh16.9 million,” the Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said.

(Home page image courtesy Shutterstock)

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