Women, kids damage shop after exchange of clothes refused [video]

A video has gone viral on social media which shows a Gulf family damaging the shop in a shopping mall after shop keeper refused to exchange clothes they had bought earlier.

According to social media reports, the family had bought clothes from the shop but when they went to exchange them, the shop keeper refused.

This led to an argument between the shop keeper and the family members. The family then resorted to violence and damaged the shop.

The video shows two women and three children throwing down mannequins while a young boy is trying to break the front window of the shop.  The security guards can also be seen trying unsuccessfully to stop them.

Most of the social media users blamed the family, saying violence is not acceptable and not the right way.

Meera, a Kuwaiti girl, said it’s only clothes and the shop keepers have rules which they follow. “If they were unhappy they can solve this problem through proper channels, and not with such shameful behaviour.”

Mansour, an Emirati, said that all shops have refund and exchange policies, and customers must respect these policies. “No matter what the reason was, the family must be punished as this behaviour is shameful and bad.”


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