Work underway to recover flight data recorder

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has said that an international investigation team led by the Air Accident Investigation Sector (AAIS) of the GCAA, and accredited representatives of the states of manufacture of the aircraft, United States, and the engines, United Kingdom, will probe the cause of the accident of the Emirates Airline Boeing 777-300 aircraft flight EK521 at Dubai International Airport.

In addition, representatives of the Boeing Company, Rolls-Royce and Emirates Airline will act as advisors to the Accredited Representatives participating in the investigation, the GCAA said today in a statement.

"Work is underway to recover the flight data recorder, FDR, and the cockpit voice recorder, CVR. Once recovered, the recorders will be taken to the GCAA-AAIS laboratory in Abu Dhabi for downloading and analysis of the data. The aircraft will be removed to a secure location for examination," according to the GCAA.

The aircraft technical records and files and documents concerning the crew are being preserved, the statement added. "AAIS investigators are working around the clock to collect a significant number of documents and make them available to the investigation team."

Ismaeil Al Hosani, Assistant Director-General of the Air Accident Investigation Sector, said, "According to the ICAO Annex 13 protocol, the GCAA will issue a Preliminary Report within one month from the accident date. On completion of the investigation, GCAA will prepare and publish the final investigation report."