Worker molested former employer's maid

The accused forced himself inside the house without permission

A 37-year-old Indian worker allegedly molested a maid in the absence of her employer.

Accused AKK came in the house when his former employer, an Emirati policeman, was not at home.

The Prosecution also accused AKK for entering the house of SHR against his will on February 1.
The victim ANS, Sri Lankan, testified that she heard a knock at the gate and went to open it. “A man was there asking about my employer. I told him that he is not in and there is no one in the house."

"He then handed me a slip of paper with his name and mobile number. When I tried to close the door, he followed me inside the yard and caught me by my dress. I pushed him away and ran inside.

"He ran after me and tried to hold from the back. I managed to free myself and ran towards my co-worker’s room. She opened the door and locked it immediately.

"The accused knocked at the door and asked to hand him back the slip of paper with his name and mobile number. I think the accused was drunk as I could smell alcohol on him,” testified the victim.
Her co-worker and compatriot DNM testified that she opened her door as she heard the victim shouting and screaming. “I saw her running towards the room and the accused was running behind her. As she entered the room I closed the door. He had come two days ago and asked about my employer who was not in. He did not molest me,” she testified.
The employer, SHR, Emirati policeman testified that the accused used to work for him since four years as a driver.
“I terminated his services as he used to drink alcohol. While I was in Fujairah with my family, I received a call from the maid who informed that she was molested by the accused. The two maids who were alone in the house do not know the accused as they started working for the family since a year ago,” he testified.
The Court will issue its sentence on April 7.

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