World's largest hot air balloon on UAE horizon

There's good news for those who love taking a close look at the UAE horizon. The world's largest hot air balloon will be in the UAE from October 17. The balloon when fully inflated is as big as a 12-storey building.

Balloon Adventures Emirates, a company that specializes in hot air balloon adventures, is showcasing, A6-BOB, this season’s newest addition to their fleet of balloons.

“BOB is not just another hot air balloon – He is the largest balloon in the Middle East. When fully inflated this balloon stands almost 40m tall, the same height as a 12-storey building,” the company said in a statement.

On October 17, 2012, the balloon will be showcased before balloon adventurists and the media. It is claiming to be the world's largest baloon company.

“BOB was built in 2012 using the latest balloon technology. He was manufactured by the world’s largest balloon manufacturer ULTRAMAGIC, making this N-500 model state of the art. The balloon can be licensed to hold up to a maximum of 30 passengers, however Balloon Adventures Emirates will fly with only 24 passengers per flight, to make things more spacious for their valued guests,” the statement  said.

“The balloon adventure starts just before dawn to enjoy the luminous sunrise over the desert dunes. After taking off, the journey lasts approximately one hour, embarking on a magic carpet ride through a breath-taking sea of red sand dunes and trying to spot the local camels and free running gazelles that still occupy the flying area,”
reported Middle East Newswire.

Balloon Adventures Emirates has been operating in the UAE since 2005 and boasts the most experienced commercial pilots in the world. The company is licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (Air Operator’s Certificate AT024). All balloons undergo a strict maintenance programme involving regular tests at their own facilities.


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