Yemeni forces gain complete control of Motrthed mountain, supported by UAE forces

The legitimate Yemeni forces have continued their victories on the Sirwah Front in Ma’rib Governorate, supported by the UAE Armed Forces as part of the Arab Coalition Forces to restore legitimacy in Yemen.

A source from the UAE Armed Forces stressed that the legitimate Yemeni forces, supported by UAE forces, has managed to gain complete control of Morthed mountain after fierce battles, with Houthis militias suffering heavy losses to personnel and weapons.

The source added that the legitimate Yemeni forces targeted a vehicle in Dara'? mountain, which included several Houthi leaders and eight to 10 Houthi soldiers.

The source also noted that controlling the Sirwah Front has a strategic military importance as it includes many supplies lines to the militias forces in Ma’rib, as well as exerting pressure on the Houthis in Sanaa, which would facilitate the control of the capital.