'You are not psychologically disordered'

Judge refuses examination for man who stabbed roommate 11 times

The Dubai Criminal Court turned down a request for psychiatric evaluation of an Egyptian driver who stabbed his roommate 11 times over Dh3,000 rent.

Judge Hamad Abdullatif told the accused SHZ, 33 "there is nothing wrong with you... you do not suffer any psychological disorder... you have answered all the questions in a balanced way."

The court adjourned the case until October 21 for hearing the testimony of the forensic doctor Ashraf Ibrahim Hassan who failed to attend Thursday's session.

Dubai prosecution has field a premeditated murder charge against SHZ who killed his compatriot with a small knife in the car while they were on their way to Jebel Ali Police station to solve a dispute concerning Dh3,000.

SHZ had offered to share with with the victim the room he was staying in, but the latter failed to pay him the agreed upon rent.

The accused had denied in a previous hearing the premeditated murder accusation claiming that he stabbed the victim in defence as the later had first attempted to stab him while driving.

He claimed to have got injured in his hand and only then did he stab the victim back without intending to kill him.

Captain Ahmad Ramadan, policeman, testified before the court in the previous hearing that he did not see any injury to the accused at the time of arrest.

Ramadan testified that on December 17, 2009 he was told by his senior to rush to Sheikh Zayed road near Mall of the Emirates as there was a fight.

Upon arriving , he learned from other officers who were there before him at the scene that it was a murder case.

Ramadan saw a man stabbed to death in the front right seat of a car and the accused was in a police patrol.

The accused told the policeman that he and the victim Dia Salah Taha, had a fight while he was driving the car and the latter has attempted to stab him so he stopped the car and took a knife that was in the car and stabbed him.

The accused told Ramadan that as the knife got broken, he took the knife that fell from the victim's hand due to the sudden brake the accused made, Ramadan testified.

When asked by the jury presided by Judge Hamad Abdullatif whether the accused was sustaining any injury, Ramadan answered negatively, "No, I did not see any injury."

Ramadan also told the court that the claimed broken knife was not found at the scene of the crime whereas the one said to be of the victim was seen next to the victim's body.

According to the forensic medicine report, the victim received 11 stabs seven of which were deep and caused internal bleeding and tearing of lung tissue.

The forensic report said that two stabs were deep enough to cause death. The report also said that the injury to the accused could have happened when he was stabbing the victim.


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