Your guide to watch Dubai's world record NYE fireworks across 100km of shoreline

An extraordinary extravaganza lies in wait for residents who will witness the live spectacle as Dubai puts forth its ambitious plan to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest firework display.

As part of Dubai’s commitment to excellence, the city is coming together to set a phenomenal pyrotechnic record on December 31 that aims to light up the city in an extraordinary show that will showcase a six-minute display choreographed across the whole of The Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands.

Over 200 expert pyro technicians, 400 firing locations and 100 computers networked to control the show down to the millisecond will be in position.

The world record-breaking attempt will cover a distance of approximately 100km of seafront and feature over 400,000 fireworks in a series of dramatic imagery designed exclusively for the event and set to a specially choreographed musical soundtrack.

The breath taking display, which includes a ‘Flying Falcon’, ‘UAE Flag’ and a ‘Sunrise’ scene, will begin shortly before midnight and showcase the city as one of the world’s premier locations for the global community to visit.

Visible from numerous vantage points across Dubai, all hotels on The Palm Jumeirah will be hosting events to celebrate their involvement in the Dubai World Record 2014 attempt.

Programme for the night

Over 400,000 fireworks will be placed along 100kms of seafront to achieve this world record.

Aside from The Palm Jumeirah, fireworks will also be set off from the seven continents on The World Islands in celebration of and an invitation to the global community to come to Dubai during the journey to World Expo 2020.

A Flying Falcon will open the programme, leading the countdown in English and Arabic digits – using the exclusive GrucciSkyEtching technology.

The display features seven 24-inch shells that will rise 600m above the seven World Island Continents, each spreading a canopy over 700m wide.  

A UAE flag will be presented at 225m wide x 130m high – using a patented PixelBurst technology that uses embedded computer chips for precision firing.  At 29,250 square meters, it will be the largest pyrotechnic flag ever presented.

Grucci has designed a ‘Sunrise’ scene that will awaken the World across nearly 10kms wide.               

The fireworks performance will be choreographed to music composed specifically for this event, but inspired by a local song

The performance, which has taken over 5,000 plus man-days to complete the attempt, will last six minutes in total, with over 400 firing locations.

The fireworks specially handcrafted for the programme in the USA, China and Spain.

Traffic management

As revealed earlier, restrictions will apply in terms of traffic movement and access to The Palm Jumeirah on December 31, which will include a pass system to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors.

Residents can use their passes to bring in their guests, providing they follow the permitted access timetable.

From 8am to 9pm, access to event pass holders in their personal vehicles and passengers in taxis holding event pass.

From 9pm to 10.30pm, access to passengers in taxis holding event pass only.

Between 10.30pm and 1am access will be stopped for the purpose of safety and security. However, provisions will be made only for emergency situations.

As parking space on the Fronds is limited, residents are advised to limit the number of guest vehicles to a maximum of five vehicles per villa.  Each vehicle will have a car pass.

Walking around The Palm Jumeirah will be restricted from 10.30pm onwards to ensure the safety of residents and visitors during the show.

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