Zayed Giving volunteers begin humanitarian medical mission in Somalia

Photo: Wam

The UAE Zayed Giving Initiative’s volunteer medical team has inaugurated phase one of its humanitarian, diagnostic and preventative campaign that will see hundreds of underprivileged children and elderly patients receive health treatment in Somalia under the slogan, "Giving is Happiness".

The humanitarian mission is currently stationed in Hargeisha as part of the Zayed Giving Convoy programme, which aims to reach thousands of children and the elderly in various Somali villages, reflecting the deep ties the two brotherly countries share and promoting the joint volunteer work between UAE and Somali medical staff.

Fifty Emirati and Somali doctors, led by UAE cardiac surgeon Dr. Adel Al Shameri, CEO of the Zayed Giving Initiative, are taking part in the campaign, joined by doctors and surgeons from countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan.

Officials from the Ministry of Health in Somalia expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE Government for the humanitarian initiatives it undertakes to treat needy patients all around the world.