ERC spends over Dh793m on aid in 2015

The value of humanitarian, relief and development projects of the Emirates Red Crescent  in the UAE and abroad in 2015 stood at Dh794.6 million, the aid agency said in its latest annual report.

Thousands of families in the UAE and a large number of countries benefited from the agency's efforts, according to the report which was launched during the13th Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition (Dihad 2016).

More than 12,600 underprivileged families (57,865 people) in the UAE received more than Dh63.3 million in aid from the agency last year. Beneficiaries in this segment include people in need of air tickets to leave the UAE, widows, divorced women, wives of patients as well as prisoners and their families.

The agency offered more than Dh32.5m to underprivileged students (more than 8,195 families).

The total value of foreign aid offered in 2015 by the Emirates Red Crescent was around Dh650m in tens of countries. The amount includes around Dh372m to fund relief operations in foreign countries.

Foreign aid is a priority for the agency, the report noted.

Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, programmes supporting Syrian refugees, as well as Nepal, Mali and Tunis were the largest recipients of the agency's foreign aid last year.

The foreign effort helped counter the consequences of crises and natural disasters.

Close to Dh114m went to development projects vital sectors such as housing, health, education, social services and capacity-building for communities.

This includes small enterprises to support poor families in recipient countries, the Emirates Red Crescent's report noted.