Expect unstable weather conditions till Wednesday


Forecasters have said that unstable weather is expected to continue until Wednesday.
Rain fell over the areas between Masafi and Ojaili on Sunday. There were also showers over the Fujairah Airport, and in parts of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the Western Region. Motorists reported flooding in parts of Dubai on Monday after rain fell overnight.
Visibility is also expected to be affected by the windy and cloudy conditions in the country, according to forecasters.
Forecasters attributed the unstable condition to cold air masses (low pressure) in the middle layer in the atmosphere in addition to the windy and cloudy conditions in the country.
The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reported that temperatures are likely to fall and visibility will also be affected.

Weathermen advised people to take extra auction due to low visibility and slippery roads as a result of rain and dusty winds.
Two minor traffic accidents took place on Sunday evening. The first incident happened when three cars collided on the Emirates Road after Muhaisena Bridge towards Abu Dhabi.
The second incident involved two cars on Al Quds Road. No one was injured in both accidents.

Several buildings with dish antennas have already reported disruption in services because of strong wind and thunder.

Basheer K, a resident of Barsha, says his television service has stopped working since 6pm. The winds are pretty strong and even the clothes in the balcony flew down into my neighbor’s apartment,” hesaid.


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