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First mum loses baby, then city loses body

An infant boy that lived a lifetime in 90 minutes in 2003, is remembered by his mother and cherished by his family every year on his birthday.

The mother, unable to afford a funeral for her baby, was forced to hand over her dead baby to the authorities of New York City to lay him to rest. She was not allowed to visit the baby's grave in the cemetery where he was buried.

In the absence of access to grave, the family started a tradition of adding a trinket on his birthday every year to the small shrine created at home just for the infant that passed away too soon.

Twelve years have passed. Finally due to a lawsuit filed by other families, this family finally got an opportunity to visit the baby's graveside.

However, further heartbreak awaited the family. When the family signed up for a ferry trip to take them to the cemetery on Hart Island.

An officer of the Correction Department broke the tragic news that they had no record of the child. The City officials had lost the body of the baby.

The mother, 36, said in an interview to NYT last week, that she completely broke down and even though she wanted to speak to the official, she was too emotionally choked to say a word.

Now, the mother of the lost child has decided to sue the city for destroying her right to bury her child and claiming $5 million in damages.