Flydubai Beirut-Dubai flight turns back

Update: flydubai has confirmed its Beirut-bound flight FZ157 returned to Dubai following an engine related issue, and that passengers are being accommodated on the next available flight.

A flydubai spokesperson said: “On October 6, 2015, flydubai decided that flight FZ157 should return to Dubai due to the performance of one of the engines.

“The aircraft has landed back at Dubai International Airport.  Passengers have been provided refreshments in the terminal and are being accommodated on the next available flight.”



A Beirut-bound flydubai flight has returned to the emirate shortly after take-off, with the airline confirming the news, adding that the passengers are back at the terminal.

Flight FZ157 took off from Dubai International Terminal 2 on Tuesday at 8am local time, with a scheduled landing time of 11.10am in Beirut.

However, shortly after take-off, the flight turned around to return to Dubai, with online flight tracker Flight Radar 24 recording the airline sending out an emergency squawk 7700.

A flydubai spokesperson confirmed the news with Emirates 24|7, saying: “The aircraft landed back in Dubai. Passengers are in the terminal and refreshments are being provided.”

Further details are awaited from the carrier on the reason for the flight’s return.

As per the live tracker, the airline returned to the emirate approximately an hour into the flight.

Meanwhile flydubai’s flight ticker shows FZ157 as ‘Cancelled’ on its board.

The aircraft was a Boeing 737-800.

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