Flydubai Tragedy: Possible pilot error, says IAC

After interim investigation, an Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) report has been published on the Flydubai crash.

The report published earlier today points out a possible pilot error may have caused the crash on March 19 resulting in the death of all 62 lives on board.

Meanwhile, Flydubai has called for more conclusive evidence following the release of the interim investigative report.

Flydubai in its statement said it is aware of the interstate report and is awaiting more additional details.
"We are aware of the information that has been released by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). We share the desire to get conclusive findings as quickly as possible as outlined by the International Standards And Recommended Practices in International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Annex 13. We continue to support the investigating authorities in liaison with the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), " said Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of flydubai.

The IAC report notes that the plane hit the ground at 600kph and was at an angle of 50 degrees.

The provisional report citing flight data obtained from the black box also points out that flight FZ981 made two landing approaches to Rostov-on-Don Airport and but on both attempts performed a go-around maneuver on manual mode.

"At the altitude of 900 meters the crew pushed the yoke and at the same time a stabilizer was moved five degrees into nosedive position, which resulted in a rapid descent and a vertical acceleration of up to -1g," the report said.

It further says, "The consequent actions of the crew failed to prevent the aircraft's collision with the ground. The collision happened at a speed of over 600 kmh and pitch angle of over 50 degrees."