Girl holds wedding in hospital for dying mom

Couple changed their wedding date and venue

Just as Cathryn Copeland was preparing for her destination wedding, her mom’s health took a turn for the worse. The mother of the bride was admitted to the hospital in what turned out to be her final battle with cancer.

So Cathryn and her fiance ditched their destination wedding and moved the wedding date and venue to a little garden just outside her mother's hospital wing in Houston, Texas.

Cathryn Copeland held her wedding to husband Conner Wood in a hospital so that her mother, who was dying of cancer, could see her married before she passed away.

The couple had initially intended to tie the knot on November 1, but moved the date to late October when they found out about Cathryn's mother's condition.

She had been battling the disease for 11 years and had very little chances of survival according to doctors.

Cathryn's mother decided that her last wish would be to see her daughter married properly and to be present at the wedding.

To achieve this, Cathryn and Conner decided to hold the wedding in a garden adjoining her mother's hospital.

Her mother was dressed and present to see her daughter off at the small 75 member wedding ceremony.

Copeland's mom Janet, who had been battling another recurrence of breast cancer, died two weeks later. She was 57.


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