Girl made to sit in soiled uniform for 4 hours

A kindergarten pupil who wet herself was forced by the school to stay in her urine-soaked uniform for up to four hours. She was given a newspaper to sit on, reports Australian daily The Telegraph.

The child's mother is considering suing the school for neglecting to change her embarrassed daughter's clothes after the incident.

The student has since been moved to a different school. The mother is furious that her daughter was "given newspaper and had to sit on it wherever she went, like a puppy".

This was despite the school having a supply of second-hand uniforms, she told the paper.

"It's really hard to fathom their logic," she told The Sunday Telegraph. "I entrusted her care and well-being to the Department of Education and they let her down. She came home really upset."

While there is no specific policy in place on how to care for children who suffer such accidents at state schools, an Education Department spokesman told The Sunday Telegraph the department had reviewed the situation and staff at the school had been reprimanded over the incident.

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