Girl panics and jumps from boyfriend’s balcony

A 19-year old Egyptian girl studying at Al-Athhar University jumped from her boyfriend's apartment fearing scandal after he summoned one of his relatives to share in the fun reported Al Dostor Newspaper.

The Al-Waili Police station received a call from the Air Force General Hospital about a patient identified as HAR, who was seriously injured due to an impact of falling from a high place.

The Police interrogated the victim. She claimed that on her way home from the university, she was kidnapped by two men who pushed her forcibly into a car. She was taken to a flat located at Demerdash Street.

She added they tried to rape her but she jumped from the balcony of the apartment on the second floor.

Police investigations revealed that the girl was lying and she was involved in an illicit relationship with a 20-year old young man identified as Karim M.

The girl had actually accompanied her boyfriend to his grandmother’s apartment located at Demerdash Street and after he lured her in, the boyfriend called his cousin to share her with him.

The investigation pointed out that the girl jumped from the balcony of the apartment for fear of being raped and exposed.

The police arrested the girl, the boyfriend and his cousin. The men admitted their plan to abuse the girl sexually.

The first accused’s mobile phone contained all the text messages exchanged betweent the girl and the boy.

The police referred the accused to the public prosecution where they were imprisoned four days


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