Girls want father hanged for killing mother

Two young sisters in India’s Bihar state have sought a death penalty for their father accusing him of burning their mother to death.

The siblings, Vipsyana, 13, and Ayeshan, eight, claim that their father, Amitabh Shrivastava, was in love with an athlete and sought a divorce from their mother Kiran, which she denied. He then poured oil on her and set her on fire, while threatening the same consequence for them if they shouted, claim the two.

According to a Gulf News report, Kiran succumbed to her injuries in the hospital after suffering for a week, which forced the girls to file a complaint against their father, who is a sergeant in the Indian Air Force.

The girls, who hail from north Bihar's East Champaran district, also said that the police refused to take their complaint seriously and refused to file a case.

However, following a media furore, local superintendent of Motohari Ganesh Kumar intervened and a case was lodged and statements recorded.

"We saw our father dousing our mother with kerosene oil and then lighting her with match sticks. When we protested, he threatened to burn us too. What we saw ultimately was quite horrible, my mother going up in flames and suffering serious wounds resulting in her untimely death," Ayeshana told the superintendent.

The sisters told the officer how they watched helplessly but couldn't even cry out for fear of being killed. They demanded their father be hanged for his crime and justice be done for their mother.

"We want death for our father for the kind of crime he has committed. We will never forgive him."

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