Hospital accused of stealing patient's kidney

A Saudi hospital is facing accusations that it stole one kidney and the spleen of a patient who was admitted to the emergency section after he was electrocuted.

Gazi Al Otaibi underwent a surgery at the hospital in the central town of Afeef  before he was discharged two years ago, his uncle Ali Al Murshidi told the ‘Okaz’ daily.

He said that two years later, Gazi was injured in a road accident and was taken to the same hospital for an operation.
“We were shocked when doctors told us that my nephew has one kidney and his spleen has gone. It seems they stole his left kidney and spleen,” he said.

The paper quoted the hospital’s director as saying the management would investigate the case to determine whether the patient’s organs had been stolen.
Man killed by own gun

A Saudi man in his 50s was killed when his gun accidentally fired while he was cleaning the weapon at his home in the Gulf Kingdom.

His son said the man was cleaning his pistol in his room without realising it was loaded, adding that the gun was found next to his father’s body.

In a report from the Western town of Taif, Sabq newspaper did not identify the man but said police were investigating the incident.

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