Hotel owner kills client over spicy curry

A client paid dearly with his life in Bangalore for complaining about a dish being too spicy. Mohan, 31, had bought Cawliflower Manchurian from a restaurant where he used to deliver water.

The food was consumed by his children who complained it was too hot and spicy. The man, under the influence of alcohol, went back to the restaurant to complain to the hotel owner.

The hotel owner was in the process of closing down for the night. A fight ensued and the owner beat up the customer. He also took the help of two of his hotel employees to bludgeon the man.

Mohan was left in a pool of blood by the hotel owner and his employees. Passers by took the victim to a hospital, HE was moved to Nimhans, for treatment but he succumbed to his injuries the next day.

The restaurant owner and his employees have been arrested and charged with murder.

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